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Aug/Sept 2010
Vol. IX No. 1 ISSN: 1545-3650
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Tips for Writers 1
Always read the Submission Guidelines of the market you are approching BEFORE you submit a story to them.


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Tips for Writers 2
Read the final draft of your story aloud to another person. Reading a story and listening to one is a good method of spotting structural and grammatical errors that eyes have overlooked.






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  Katherine Patterson
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  Phil Adams
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  Marty Hiller
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  Stacey Saunders



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Sadly, after 8 years, we have ceased publication.  Most of out staff and contributing writers have zoomed off to pursue other writing endeavors.

Our Fearless Leader, Kay Patterson, and faithful copy-editor, Marty Hiller, are working on compiling and formatting back issues of AlienSkin so we can make them available to all of you who drop by, our former readers and fans.

We have updated our Contact page with current links to our personal websites, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  Please feel free to track us down through those venues or via our listed emails here at AlienSkin.  We do check email often—tireless, Phil Adams insists retaining his post as our #1 email responder.

For new writers who may have stumbled upon our site, seeking publication, we direct you to the sidebar of our remaining pages where we offer
Tips for Writers.  After reading those, surf on over to and  Both of those sites offer a wealth of market listings and  guideline links to current publications seeking short and novel-length fiction.

Again, we thank all of you, our readers, fans and contributors, for helping us to achieve our dream: AlienSkin Magazine® was a success!  We  retire happy, knowing we've entertained and encouraged so many.

~ Special Notice to Writers~

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