Must-Use Instagram Tools

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5 Must-Use Instagram Tools You Should Use Today!

Instagram shouldn’t be all about posting perfect selfies and pictures of your dog having a bath. It could also be a perfect tool to showcase what your business has to offer. Especially if you own a business whose main customers are teens and young adults.

For many tech-savvy marketers, Instagram is a vital part of their marketing campaigns and don’t be surprised to find that many of them definitely use one or two of these must-use Instagram tools. Before you read on: Have a look at our homepage and learn how to get lots of Instagram followers!

Must-Use Instagram Tools

1. Buffer

Arguably the most popular social media management app, Buffer sort of knows how to do it all. It lets you create drafts of your posts and set a reminder of when you want to post. It then sends you a notification when it is time to publish your post.

It should be noted that Instagram doesn’t allow third party apps to publish posts directly and as such the best buffer can do for you in that regard is to save your post and remind you to publish it yourself. Great Idea!

2. Repost

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have a share button on posts. So, what do you do when you come across a strikingly beautiful picture that you want to share with your followers?…..You download Repost. Simple! The app lets you easily share followers’ pictures and credits them too. It also lets you save pictures directly from Instagram.

3. Pixlr

Instagram has a ton of amazing filters, but perfect as may it seem, it doesn’t let you retouch photos. You know, like to remove red-eye effects from what would have been a perfect picture. The app has many more features like creating collage photo frames and also has saturation and exposure tools. There are thousands of photo editing apps out there but Pixlr is easily the best among them.

4. SocialRank

SocialRank is an invaluable Instagram tool that helps you understand the demographics of those following you. It helps you identify who your best influencers are and also organizes information about your followers in such a way that will help you integrate them in your Instagram marketing strategy. The app also lets you search your followers according to hashtags and keywords among various other features that it has.

5. Crowd Fire

Just when you feel you have had your best week on Instagram, someone unfollows you. And the worst part of it all, you can’t even know who. That’s where Crowdfire comes in, It constantly monitors your follower count and lets you know who has followed and unfollowed you.

So there you have it, five must-use Instagram tools that you should check out today. Cheers!

Here are the links where you can download or find more information about the tool:

  • Buffer:
  • Repost:
  • Pixlr:
  • SocialRank:
  • Crowdfire: