7 Effective Ways to Increase Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

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Increase Instagram Followers without Spending Money

Instagram is one of the social media widely used and today Instagram has over five hundred million users who are very active and many people especially business persons and many celebrities talented in different professionals uses Instagram to reach their customers and fans through Instagram social media site.

Instagram mainly involve posting photos and many people will be able to see it and they shall like and comment and according to the quality and what you posted will determine the numbers of like and post.

Likes and post simply tell you that the post has reached many people and they enjoy what you have posted. There different effective ways to increase Instagram followers without spending money (Click here if you wan to learn how to get lots of Instagram followers with money). They include:

7 Effective Ways to Increase Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

Sign with Facebook

When opening Instagram account use your Facebook account so that the friends on Facebook may follow you Instagram they will be happy to see you are also on Instagram and your relationship on Facebook will also take place on Instagram and they will also like and provide comments to your posts.

Follow other people on Instagram

You have a task to follow many people on Instagram so that they can also follow you and this make them follow the trend of what you post and when you post something on Instagram they will like and comment on what you post.

Provide quality posts

For many people to start following you, you must provide quality and best post that will attract them to so much and they will take time to look to your post, and they like and comment what you have posted.

Like other peoples post

If you want people to start following you, and to like and comment on what you have posted you should also like their post.

Give comments

Giving likes is not enough and hence you should provide very impressive comments and the people will like to know who is that commenting on their post and when you post something they will reward you with a comment and like.

Exchange promotions

Instagram is about friends and therefore you can make other person popular by supporting what he or she post and promote and after some time they will also do that to you. They will promote your products.

Provide your post with impressive captions to your posts

Posting is not enough. The posts should be accompanied by impressive captions that will make your followers understand what you have posted and many people will start following you.